She ran the red...

Driving Alex to his snowboarding lessons this morning - snowing, roads slick. The woman in this Mazda 3 slid through her red just as I was entering the intersection. Layed on the horn, tried to swerve - no good. Clipped her front quarter. The Mazda had to be towed - I broke the grill on the minivan.

Alex and I are fine, though my arms are a little stiff from the deathgrip I had on the wheel when we hit.

Sometimes, size does matter.


Happy Anniversity!

19 years ago, I agreed to engage in a Pagan ritual that involved being tied together and wearing silly hats to show how much I loved Nada - and she's been living with the consequences of that action for all this time...



Having a snack in the neighbour's tree - some unlucky bird.

70-200mm f2.8 IS, with 2X teleconverter, ISO3200, 1/13th sec. Lit with a spotlight.